How does an online course work?
You will study in your own time and at your own pace. Everything is done online and you will also receive online help from us at any time, no question is too small. 
You will work through each online course until completion, courses are made up of practical, written and info modules. You can ask as many questions as you need to throughout the course.
You can get through any subject as quickly as you like (some students can do a subject easily) or you can take as long as you like. We have NO time limits on any of our courses.

Do I need prior experience in this field?
Some of our courses have been designed for people with no prior beauty experience to get them into the Beauty Industry quickly and at a reasonable price, some courses are add on treatments that have enrolment requirements. Our step by step training program along with the subject training manuals explains everything from start to finish. Please check each course to check you have the relevant experience if required.

Are your courses accredited and certificated?
|We are proud to carry the Lash Inc seal of accreditation, which means all our courses are fully accredited by Lash Inc.  They are insurable and fully certificated at the end.  Please follow instructions in your joining email to ensure you understand next steps.  
if you wish to check this, you can check this here to show we are accredited and one of their worldwide academies https://www.lashinc.com/academy

Do I have to do exams and assignments?
We have minimum practical requirements that must be met for each subject. Once you have reached the end of your course and feel confident with your skills you are required to sit a theory exam to gain your Certificate. This will test your understanding of both the theory and practical sides of the course. The exam is open book and with no time limit, but we do expect our students to achieve 100%. We will not fail you. If we are not happy with any answers, we will simply get you to answer again until you get it right. Our classroom classes and our online courses require case studies that will be explained by your , or in your welcome email in order to get certification. 

Will I be Qualified?
This will depend entirely on where you are situated in the world.
Our Certificate is legal and valid for use anywhere in UK and also many other countries in the world to either work in a salon, start your own business or enhance your skills.
If you are outside of UK, you will need to check locally to see if any licensing requirements are in force or more formal qualifications are required. This is the student responsibility.  We have students all over the world.

Can I get Insurance?
Our courses are fully accredited with certificate but we suggest in all cases you check with your insurance provider to ensure you are covered. For online only courses - insurance is available from Radius Insurance, and we have confirmation that INSYNC INSURANCE, DIRECT LINE, WESTMINSTER & BALENS are acceptable too in the UK, as we are fully recognised & accredited.
Please note that we can only mention the criteria of our own courses, there are non accredited online courses - that are not insurable, in the market place. 
This is not the case with our courses 

How do I get my practice?
This is all explained in the course. You will be required to source models so that you can reach your minimum practical requirements. Models can be family and friends, friends of friends etc.
We suggest initially you try and get models who have perhaps been to a professional salon for the service you are practising on them, so they can give you some comparative feedback, but you will know by the end result whether you have performed a service correctly.
**WITH COVID-19  and the restrictions that are placed on us at this time, we suggest case studies on your isolation partners, do not source models from outwith your household.  There is no time limit if you are unable to source a model and need to wait. 

Can I get a refund?
Refunds are available for any online courses that have been ordered, but not yet fulfilled, please contact us immediately with request.  Once coursework has been sent, no refund will be granted. 
For classroom courses, deposit is non refundable as this secures your place on the day.

Student discount code for kit?
If you have purchased a kit with a student discount code, this is usually supplied with your certificate at the end. Please contact us if you need before your course ends.  We can also provide other kits at student cost.